“We are not what happened to us, we are what we wish to become”. Carl Jung
I completed my studies in Italy and Switzerland . I specialised in Psychosomatics and Sexology with Prof. Giorgio Abraham and Willy Pasini (University of Geneve - Switzerland). I completed my psychoanalytic training according to the requirements of the International Society of Micropsychoanalysis ( Dr. Silvio Fanti - Switzerland. Continuing Freud’s work, expanding the theoretical context to the energetic level, paying attention to the most microscopic detail and incorporating several other techniques in sessions).

More recently (after having seen how necessary it is to be able to advise clients also on their legal rights and options when it comes to divorces and parenting) I have completed the Basic and Advanced Family Zone training to be qualified also as a Mediator for divorces and formulation of Parental Plans.
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The needs and the desired outcomes of people entering therapy may be very different. I try to adapt my approach to the specific needs of the client in order to achieve the desired outcome in the most effective way. At times clients need to improve their communication skills to achieve better relationships or learn other practical skills to be more effective in any given context of their lives. Other times the origin of the problem is deeper and there are repetitive patterns that keep re-creating the same kind of uncomfortable situations and structure of relationships. In this case it is necessary to understand the origin of such patterns in past experiences and emotional traumas. I tend to use a psychodynamic approach in most cases where the client is struggling with anything that makes him/her unsatisfied with him/herself (for example any difficulty to control one’s impulses, repetition of undesired behaviours, unexplained moods, etc.) because only through understanding ourselves better, being aware of the impact that past experiences have had on the makeup of our psyche and the way they still affect our perception of current experiences we can become truly free, find inner peace joy and satisfaction.

My success rate is very high (I do not like quantifying things though), especially when the client is prepared to co-operate willingly. I have however been surprisingly successful in quite a few cases  of difficult and scarcely co-operative clients.  Several colleagues tend to refer to me the most difficult cases because of my extensive experience and perseverance. I seem to have a particular ability to get through to clients with Borderline Personality Disorder and obtain good results in these cases with in depth, prolonged therapy.