I am a registered Clinical Psychologist and I offer individual or couple psychotherapy sessions to adults and adolescents.  I have practiced from 1981 and I have extensive experience in most areas of psychotherapy: depression, anxiety, bipolar mood disorder, OCD, phobias, all personality disorders, psychosomatic disorders, sexual dysfunctions and difficulties, eating disorders, addiction, trauma, bereavement, couple therapy. 

Some people want to embark in the exciting and intriguing adventure of self-discovery that psychotherapy offers just because they want to better their relationship with themselves or others and their level of satisfaction in their life. They are most welcome!


I am also a trained Mediator for divorce mediation and formulation of Parenting Plans according to the specifications of the Family Advocate Office (Family Zone training).

I am very committed to helping people to live a more satisfying life and be at peace with themselves and those around them. I am always prepared to go the extra mile to achieve this. I try to be available also after the normal session time for quick advice or emergencies.  So many clients have told me that I am easy to talk to and I make people feel at ease, that I care far more than the call of duty, that they are grateful because I didn’t give up on them, that my warmth and understanding made them able to trust the process very quickly.  I strive to offer my clients a non judgmental, safe environment where they can open up comfortably and explore the best option to find a solution for their challenges.  I try to adapt the length of the sessions to the needs and likes of each client in order to offer the most comfortable and effective solution to each person.


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